Existence, God, Eternity…


“Throughout The Ages, Man

Has Always Asked Why…


This Book Gives The Answer”


Imagine a book that could remove your fear of death forever, a bridge between the now and the infinite…


The following is for those who seek, who virtually thirst and hunger for true knowledge… the very “whys” of existence. It’s not for the complacent, the blindly smug, the minimally satisfied man or woman content to live their lives in what one poet calls a state of “blissful ignorance.”


In fact, this book may even be called dangerous to those holding false or erroneous beliefs as their reality. Many may even find that it shatters the very concepts of life and death – or what comes after your time on this earth passes away


If you are one of the thirsty ones, ready to face and move past your fears, allowing yourself to discover the eternal peace you were created to experience, I urge to read every word coming up. Your life – and your lives to come – may very well think back on this moment as a determining, life life-altering crossroads of existence.


In The Past There Were Some Who

Suggested We Are Nothing More

Than Complex Chemical Reactions…





If you listen to “modern” Western wisdom, the response to the above would be a rather depressing yes. To hear some of the “scientific” experts explain it, you, me and everyone else who ever walked on this planet called earth are merely the end results of an almost unceasing parade of trial and error chemical combinations.


We become aware sometime during our conception, live our lives and then die – returning to the elements which spawned us. An eternity of oblivion. It makes one wonder why a life ever begins in the first place, if unending nothingness is the ultimate, inevitable result. Where and what is the sense of it all?


Well, there would be no sense to it – IF this was all there was. But I’m here to tell you that there is more – infinitely more!


We don’t just expire and go blindly into everlasting darkness – but continue on in an endless parade of life – always the unique soul that defines you – albeit in myriads of forms and incarnations.


Does this sound a bit too “esoteric” for you? It surely did for me when true understanding first came into my life. I wasn’t just confused, I was almost terrified! Thinking about “forever’ is one thing. Actually experiencing what eternity means is quite another.


Who Am I?


Let me introduce myself. My name is Bruce Adams. I am neither a theologian, a Bible scholar, a pastor, nor a teacher.


In fact, I was a no-nonsense businessman for some 25 years before I received the revelations that would literally change my life. Though I was born a Catholic, and still prayed each evening, religion was no big deal in my life.


I dealt in dollars and cents, and if I couldn’t feel it or count it, it really didn’t register with me. Yes, I loved to question things and seek answers that others couldn’t explain, but it was more a diversion than anything else.


I was then on the verge of a huge financial breakthrough with a new product that had all the hallmarks of making me wealthy – set for life. Over a year of intense effort and considerable investment was poured into my idea – and the payoff was finally in sight.


That’s when it happened. It’s been said God speaks in whispers, but for me it was different. I was out skating with my nine year old son, and suddenly the world went quiet – almost like moving through a fog of absolute silence.


Then the Voice was heard, not limited to my mind, but multi-dimensional – a voice that was heard not only through my outward senses, but vibrating throughout and within my entire being. And quite frankly, I wasn’t happy about what it was saying to me.


Instructed To Give Up Everything I Worked For!


I was being instructed to drop all my plans, all my work, all my financial expectations – and start upon a new journey.


If you think I immediately fell into line and accepted my new life, you’d be dead wrong. I reasoned it was just a fluke. My mind was just playing tricks. Somebody else was playing tricks. Something, anything to explain away what happened that day on the ice.


But one thing I found out, God is patient! And after a flow of other events that utterly defied my logic and understanding – I was ready to be awakened to a totally new understanding of the Universe, and our place alongside the Infinite.



The Universe and You Are Not Separate!


You look at the night sky and see the myriads of stars. You walk along the road and pass trees, plants, rocks. You interact with your family, your friends, with strangers… and what do you experience? Do you feel separate and apart from these signs of nature? Almost everyone does.


But what if I told you that this separation was only an illusion? A point of reference we make in order to hide from the truth, because the knowledge that all things are indeed interconnected would be terrifying to our earth-bound bodies?


This is what I am meant to bring to the world. There is no outside, no barriers between us and the entire universe – except those of our own mental creation.


It is now time to work through these limiting, false beliefs. It is now time we realize we are all a focal point for the entire vastness of creation – that we not only are part of this creation, but are the creators as well.


Hard to grasp, isn’t it? But this is exactly what the great teachers of the ages have been saying for millennia. The Buddha, Jesus, Rumi – regardless of the faith, the message is universally the same. In fact, even no-nonsense scientists such as Einstein recognized the life we live is but an illusion, that the past, present and future are inexorably intertwined in an eternal “now” unfolding before our eyes.


If only we would open those eyes and see!


Your Guidebook To An Entirely New Existence…

This Book Is Meant To Be Read, Then Read Again


Admittedly, many will find the concepts I bring forth into the light strange and even hard to grasp and understand. All new ideas seem foreign and even unusual at first.


There will be those who will read a chapter or two, and then dismiss everything out of hand. They would rather remain in their zone of false comfort than be challenged by the utter uniqueness of reality. They are the ones content to walk through life hindered with the shackles of their own making, never understanding they hold the keys to their own deliverance and freedom.


But there will be many more whose spirit will awaken from their long sleep, and see the physical world as the dream, and the realm of experiences and visions and feelings as the truer forms of existence.


You will then be open to this inescapable fact – we are spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting a physical shell. That there is no end to existence. And the life we now live has been created by us, by our thoughts and our feelings to further our way along the path of knowledge.


Succinctly put: We are all individual flames kindled from the same creation.


Obtain Your Copy Of Prophet or Madman Today


The Turmoil Will Be Calmed!

What This Book Will Bring Into Your Life…


This book isn’t merely a philosophical exploration. It dives into some of the hardest questions mankind has looked to answer, such as…


Why are we here, and where do we go after “death?”
Is there really a heaven or hell?
Why do we not easily see the realms beyond our physical senses?
How is it possible our wondrous body, with a mind that can conceive the heavens, is so restricted and limited by our physical thoughts?
Why do we see ourselves as separate and apart from the world, when in fact the world is part of every atom of our existence?
Why do we experience heartaches, loss and physical pain, if indeed we are ultimately beings of light and existing throughout eternity?
Why are hate and strife so common, while love and forbearance so elusive?
Free Will & Personal Responsibility vs. Fate and Judgment – which ones control us?
What is Consciousness? Do inanimate objects share a consciousness as well?
What and who is God?
And so many, many other soul-searching questions you’ve probably asked yourself a hundred times over…

Are You Ready To Lift Yourself Above

The Mundane and Frightened Masses?


It will take a special type of person to fully face these answers, a seeker of truth and knowledge, willing to walk down paths lesser, more timid men and women would shun.


Modern science is moving closer and closer to explain the dynamics of time and space and the interplay between the various dimensions. Quantum realities are re-defining the very essence of matter and energy. Possibilities are being explored that would have been thought as the musings of madmen just a scant decade ago.


Yes, this book will make you think. It will it all probability shake the foundations of some of your more cherished beliefs and convictions. It will transport you to realms of thought that in all honesty, many will scoff at in ridicule.


But now, just for a moment, close your eyes and picture this in your mind… a future filled with quiet and peace, a life lived with contentment and harmony, the fear of “what comes after” totally removed from your being. Where the madness of many no longer infects your inner peace and happiness. A place where life and death aren’t frightening at all… but are both entwined in an endless, remarkable parade of existence.


This is the promise Prophet or Madman makes… the challenge it now lays down before you. Are you are truly prepared to finally look at the Universe through entirely different eyes – and be ready for the adventure of your lifetimes?


Obtain Your Copy Of Prophet or Madman Today



Love and Light Always…


Brother Bruce


Brother Bruce


P.S. This book will be seen by some as frankly dangerous. To those I say it may be best not to read these chapters, and continue on in your blind walk along a moonless life.


But for the others… the rewards… the rewards… they will be nothing less than miraculous.


Obtain Your Copy Of Prophet or Madman Today



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Dr. Maryel McKinley

Dr. Maryel McKinley

Bruce Adam’s new book “Prophet or Madman” is one of the most outstanding books of the spiritual genre that this reviewer has seen in many years. This is the real thing, it is truly inspired as though God poured honey through the pen of author Bruce Adams, and reading it is like drinking the pure honey being poured right into your lips by the hand of the Divine. It is unadulterated truth, pure and simple and profound. I have not seen a book like this since The Conversations with God series.

Prophet or Madman: A bridge between worlds- truly encompasses our reason for being, and answers many questions that we spend lifetimes searching for the answers to. I highly recommend this book to all seekers, and for every library that houses classic spiritual books from the Baghavad Gita, to the Holy Bible and every sacred writing known to man, as this is absolutely a sacred text. Continue reading

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Prophet or Madman : A Bridge Between Worlds!

Peace, Joy, and Love is not only available to each soul and every soul, but it is also soul’s natural state. Why then are so many in this world seemingly not experiencing bliss on a daily basis? According to Bruce Adams, the answer resides within us all. It was there, in the stillness beyond thought, that God revealed Himself and gifted Bruce with an overview of the whole of creation.

Some time back in 1997, Bruce experienced first hand what it means to be a bridge between worlds. In what appeared to be less than an instant, he was taken on a journey through and beyond the various dimensions of time and space. It was there, at the core of all that is, that he found himslef in the presence of a consciousness that he describes as Unconditional Love. This book is not only a testimony of the experience, but it also explores many of the myths and reailty of Creation.

It Is All One Truth

This book is truly universal in nature because it explores not just this physical world but also invites the reader to venture out into the Spiritual realm as well. What some have discovered after reading this book is that, the real meaning of Life here in the 3D world can only be fully realized after you open and accept the Spiritual realm as Ultimate Reality.

If you would like to develop the tools (eyes) necessary to explore what lies beyond this world or if you have any unanswered questions about this world and why you are here then this is the book you have been waiting for.

PROPHET OR MADMAN Click Here to View the Book's Index Page
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