Dr. Maryel McKinley

Dr. Maryel McKinley

Bruce Adam’s new book “Prophet or Madman” is one of the most outstanding books of the spiritual genre that this reviewer has seen in many years. This is the real thing, it is truly inspired as though God poured honey through the pen of author Bruce Adams, and reading it is like drinking the pure honey being poured right into your lips by the hand of the Divine. It is unadulterated truth, pure and simple and profound. I have not seen a book like this since The Conversations with God series.

Prophet or Madman: A bridge between worlds- truly encompasses our reason for being, and answers many questions that we spend lifetimes searching for the answers to. I highly recommend this book to all seekers, and for every library that houses classic spiritual books from the Baghavad Gita, to the Holy Bible and every sacred writing known to man, as this is absolutely a sacred text. Continue reading

February 11, 2006

Prophet or Madman: A Bridge Between Worlds presents the direct revelations of God as experienced by author Bruce Adams, an ordinary middle-class man raised in the Catholic tradition. Having experienced an inexplicable epiphany that can only be described as divine, Adams presents the wisdom with which he was endowed in plain terms for others to experience and understand. His insights including understanding of the true nature of love, the nature of God, the definition of sin (“Simply put, Sin is anything that causes you to feel separate from God”) and the essence of reality itself. Quotes from scripture help to illustrate the points of Prophet or Madman, a succinctly lucid scrutiny of humanity’s search for greater connection with the divine. Continue reading

We are entering an age where it seems the truth of our existence may finally be within our grasp. Like last nights dream, this Truth dimly resonates in our consciousness, but our minds cannot quite grasp it. In the past few decades a number of insightful messengers have surfaced to help guide us to a keener awareness of this Truth. Now there is Bruce Adams.

From a very young age Adams began experiencing a haunting pattern of freak accidents and near-death experiences. Then, in 1996, God spoke to him. He was directed to begin meditating in order to prepare for something he was to do; to share information explaining who we are, why we are here, and a way to get home. Continue reading

By Monique Green | mgreen@news-press.com | Originally posted on March 25, 2006

Click here to download the actual News-Press Article! (PDF)Bruce Adams never studied theology and barely went to church 10 years ago, but he said that didn’t stop God from choosing him as a vessel.

The Port Charlotte man said that God asked him to present a message to the world: “Love one another.”

It’s a simple statement, but Adams, 54, said he wasn’t given an abstract sign that instructed him to write a spiritual book. The man who spends his time working at his wife’s business, Daddy Dee’s Ice Cream Parlor in North Fort Myers, said he heard God’s actual voice. Continue reading

The title poses the question : Is Bruce Adams a prophet, or is he a madman? That remains for each reader to determine. However, to this reader, Bruce’s writings seem uncannily insight and thought provoking. “Prophet or Madman” tantalizes us with wondrous and peaceful glimpses of the elusive “Truth”.

“A must read for anyone wandering a path to enlightenment!”

Aquarius – January 2006 | Volume 13, No. 8 | by Destiny Jones

When asked to review this book I admittedly said yes: however as I began to scan over the book all that seemed to stand out to me was the word Bible. Coming from a Southern Baptist back ground, I now tend to cringe when I hear the title “Bible”. Being of the new age movement where I embrace the ideals of many paths and one spirit, I’m to also include the Bible. I always viewed the Bible as God’s great skeletal structure surround by much of mans needs and views of the times. So with a deep sigh I embraced the book “Prophet or Madman”, knowing that if it had crossed my path I should listen to what is being said, after all the universe might have decided it was just what I needed. Continue reading

PROPHET OR MADMAN Click Here to View the Book's Index Page

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