If you walked in to Daddy Dee’s Ice Cream parlor in a strip mall in suburban Fort Myers, Florida, you might not notice that the fit, small man with the twinkle in his eye and the ready smile has been touched by God. Meet Bruce Adams, father, husband, businessman, community member and a chosen voice for the Almighty.

Seems that while Bruce was ice-skating with his son a few years back, God started talking to him. God then proceeds to give him all sorts of insight into all of creation and the human condition and instructs Bruce to write a book. Four years later, the book is done, but in the process Bruce loses his family, his home and his thriving business.

“At first glance, it would appear that I lost it all,” Bruce says. “But in reality, I gained everything.”

Prophet or Madman : A Bridge Between Worlds!

Peace, Joy, and Love is not only available to each soul and every soul, but it is also soul’s natural state. Why then are so many in this world seemingly not experiencing bliss on a daily basis? According to Bruce Adams, the answer resides within us all. It was there, in the stillness beyond thought, that God revealed Himself and gifted Bruce with an overview of the whole of creation.

Some time back in 1997, Bruce experienced first hand what it means to be a bridge between worlds. In what appeared to be less than an instant, he was taken on a journey through and beyond the various dimensions of time and space. It was there, at the core of all that is, that he found himslef in the presence of a consciousness that he describes as Unconditional Love. This book is not only a testimony of the experience, but it also explores many of the myths and reailty of Creation.

It Is All One Truth

This book is truly universal in nature because it explores not just this physical world but also invites the reader to venture out into the Spiritual realm as well. What some have discovered after reading this book is that, the real meaning of Life here in the 3D world can only be fully realized after you open and accept the Spiritual realm as Ultimate Reality.

If you would like to develop the tools (eyes) necessary to explore what lies beyond this world or if you have any unanswered questions about this world and why you are here then this is the book you have been waiting for.

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