If you walked in to Daddy Dee’s Ice Cream parlor in a strip mall in suburban Fort Myers, Florida, you might not notice that the fit, small man with the twinkle in his eye and the ready smile has been touched by God. Meet Bruce Adams, father, husband, businessman, community member and a chosen voice for the Almighty.

Seems that while Bruce was ice-skating with his son a few years back, God started talking to him. God then proceeds to give him all sorts of insight into all of creation and the human condition and instructs Bruce to write a book. Four years later, the book is done, but in the process Bruce loses his family, his home and his thriving business.

“At first glance, it would appear that I lost it all,” Bruce says. “But in reality, I gained everything.”

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  • Roman Smith says:

    this is nice book

  • Gina Maniscalco says:

    Wow Bruce , that’s amazing. Doesn’t that make you feel so validated on that wonderful confirmation from God , that was so unique and only ment for you, assuring you what you of what you asked ! That’s how you know that God is in everything ,everywhere and all around . So I would say your NOT a madman but a very blessed prophet indeed. Your book has given me such a sense of comfort knowing I’m not the only one who has been blessed with great truth from God. Thank you , Gina M.

  • In finally finding the time to watch this video, I can now appreciate your road travelled. You have been very blessed and how wonderful it would be if everyone could acknowledge,accept, and embrace, those things that life has to offer. You are a true inspiration!

  • billybob welsh says:

    as always, inspirational. the awakened state, so simple a concept , yet so hard for most to grasp (myself included,lol) yet i enjoy so thoroughly hearing of your spiritual journey and what was revealed to you. the “bug” incident, again an ever reminder that GOD is always with us, ever ready to help us in our journey. thank you bruce.

  • Anne says:

    Well, that is a remarkable experience you had and I can see from watching that it was indeed one of those transcendent moments when we connect with the universe. And being in the one takes away our fear. The Fox 4 news left me hanging wanting to see more, so seemed incomplete.. Perhaps you can tape a message behind the counter or have a narrator say you hold Tuesday graduate meetings and use some of the tape from those. The wornderful Unity minister recognizes you and your work and is really eloquent – nice endorsement.

  • Anne says:

    ps: I love the “There is no separation from God”. An elaboration on that could be your message and strengthen the video.

  • sunsetrick says:

    i used to put a match in the path of an ant and noticed each ant reacted differently to the experience this taught me as an 8yr old all souls are equal

  • clark chadburn says:

    I forgot how great your classes were, I had told someone,a female from a consciousness site,she might enjoy your book and decided to check and see if your site was still up.We should definetly think about a night out here on aregular basis as we get up and running out here.Got my sound panels done,have to mount them now.Namaste

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