Wow! It is never easy to describe yourself especially when the world you new and grew up with turns out to be a totally different place. I suppose you could say in my past life I was pretty much like most other people. I lived a fairly traditional life and was happily married with one son. Our home was in Florida and we lived on the water with a boat in the back yard.All that changed in one moment when the veil that blinds us to true reality was removed and I was given an overview of the whole of creation. What I had believed things were and see today are as different as night and day.After the veil was removed I decided to dedicate my life to doing the job that our creator showed me I was here to do. In describing myself today I would say I am a servant and do my best to work with what God has given me stewardship over.Where I’ve Been

Hometown: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Places: As well as exploring many places within the United States and the Caribbean, I also spent over a year and a half living abroad in Europe.

The following are some of the counties he visited while on his spiritual sabbatical:

England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany East and West, Austria, Italy, Vatican City, Greece, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Mexico.

What I Like To Do

Interests & Hobbies: Meditation, Sharing, Understanding.

Favorite Movies & Shows: The Godfather Series, The Matrix.

Favorite Music: All kinds of music!

Favorite Books: Prophet or Madman, Bhagavad-Gita, The Holy Bible