Aquarius Review

Aquarius – January 2006 | Volume 13, No. 8 | by Destiny Jones

When asked to review this book I admittedly said yes: however as I began to scan over the book all that seemed to stand out to me was the word Bible. Coming from a Southern Baptist back ground, I now tend to cringe when I hear the title “Bible”. Being of the new age movement where I embrace the ideals of many paths and one spirit, I’m to also include the Bible. I always viewed the Bible as God’s great skeletal structure surround by much of mans needs and views of the times. So with a deep sigh I embraced the book “Prophet or Madman”, knowing that if it had crossed my path I should listen to what is being said, after all the universe might have decided it was just what I needed.

The author of this book is Bruce Adams, and much like you or I he has lived a normal mainstream American life. He was a very successful business man who was about to make a big business deal, which would allow him and his family to be very comfortable, when a voice which could not be ignored spoke. God told him to open an Herbal shop instead and proceeded to ask Bruce to interpret his word. With much solitary time in meditation and pray Bruce did as God asked and acted as God’s instrument to explain his word to the people. “Prophet or Madman” is God’s word being clarified for this day and age. Bruce has not set out to write a book or redesign the spiritual structure by which we live, but to instead offer us a view of God without structure. There is only God’s unconditional love, there are no spiritual limitations. I asked Bruce if he could sum up one most important message from this book, what would it be, and he replied “responsibility”. We are responsible for our thoughts and actions. God told Bruce that the division mentioned in the Bible, from God in the Garden of Eden was one of consciousness. It is this division of consciousness that lends way for such beliefs, as actually being separated from God in the first place. The only separateness is the distance we place in our minds. This and this alone creates our destiny, and it creates heaven or our very own personal hell.

Bruce states that in knowing that we are one with God and always have been allows us to react to worldly circumstances in our purest form. Although the world continues to affect us in diverse ways, we can choose to react from our higher consciousness. The world which at times seems in complete chaos, is actually perfect, giving us ample opportunity to develop yourselves spiritually. How we react to our experiences here on this earth gives us time and time again the ability to awaken to our higher consciousness. Bruce writes “Through the choices you make you are setting the stage for your next life”. We are in actuality traveling a continuous road from humanness back to innate consciousness, and oneness with God. There are no limitations. The laws and guidelines by which we live only exist to help us keep order in this world while we are on this amazing journey.

Bruce explains that we are spiritual beings living a human experience. Jesus is a perfect example of this. Through the New Testament we can see his spiritual journey. God tells Bruce that when Jesus was crucified he did die for us, but the crucifixion was symbolizing death only of the physical. Jesus’ lack of fear and total acceptance of his circumstances was showing us that we are more than mere body, that we are more than this worldly experience. He died without fear because he knew the Truth. There is no separation from God and what we perceive as death is only an illusion. Death is explained as being only when we allow our weaker “fear dominated self”, to draw a distinction between us and God. Jesus was not of his body, he was a beautiful vibrant soul as we all are right now. “Prophet or Madman” is a must read and reread and reread…There is so much complex detailed information that one must take it in sections. It deserves time for contemplation.

When reading this book, try to remain nonjudgmental. Try to stand outside of the box. Try not to be influenced by your own personal experiences. This life is but a play ground for us to develop ourselves on. Realizing that you don’t have to earn brownie points with God frees you up for the more important objective. And that is being responsible for your own spiritual journey, balancing your own Karma. When acting without spiritual limitations or judgments, one opens the door to hear God’s word.