The Monthly Aspectarian

Published July 26, 2012 | By Bruce

We are entering an age where it seems the truth of our existence may finally be within our grasp. Like last nights dream, this Truth dimly resonates in our consciousness, but our minds cannot quite grasp it. In the past few decades a number of insightful messengers have surfaced to help guide us to a keener awareness of this Truth. Now there is Bruce Adams.

From a very young age Adams began experiencing a haunting pattern of freak accidents and near-death experiences. Then, in 1996, God spoke to him. He was directed to begin meditating in order to prepare for something he was to do; to share information explaining who we are, why we are here, and a way to get home. Adams came to realize that his mission in life is to teach us there really is more than meets the eye and that anyone and everyone has the ability to be still and listen, to see beyond the physical world to the spiritual. He tells us there is no part of creation that is meant to be hidden from us.

Prophet or Madman explores not only the myths and reality of this world, but leads us on a journey of self-discovery into what lies beyond this physical experience we call life.