A World in Transition

Many today are feeling a bit out of sorts and the dreams of the future that they have adhered to so tightly seem to be shattering more and more each day.

So, what is really happening? Why is it that we cannot experience the same quite peaceful times that once seemed to be the meaning of life? Could these be the end times talked about in the Bible where Satan is doing battle with God for your soul?

The answer is to this question is both yes and no. Yes, these times are the end of a great cycle, and no, Satan is not a personality that is controlling the flow of circumstances.

If what you just read appears to be confusing or contradictory, perhaps it is because your view or understanding of Life is incomplete. In this world, there exists a vast array of levels of understanding that many adhere to without question and yet there are some minds that appear to go beyond the norm.

One of the most intelligent and scientific minds this world has seen, once made a very profound statement. “The only thing that gets in the way of my learning is my education.”               Albert Einstein.

If you were to examine history, you will find that there has always been some unique or different people who were capable of seeing beyond the scope or vision of the average man. Depending on how they were received /accepted, these extraordinary individuals were branded in a variety of ways. If seen from a positive view, or if their ideas were akin to popular beliefs, terms such as mystics or prophets were ascribed to them. If on the other hand, their ideas or philosophies appeared to go against the commonly accepted beliefs of the day, other labels were used. Such individuals were often called sorcerers, occultists, witches or just plain mad.

What you are about to read next, will explain why I chose the title I did for the book I was guided to write.  I say that because, the following statement will require the average mind to consider something that most people never think about or even believe possible.

In Prophet or Madman, I wrote,

 “God created a perpetual system that will move infinitely within the Eternal Moment.”

If we look to Einstein once again, you will see that he was moving in a direction which explains this perceived oxymoron. “The past, the present and the future are nothing more than an optical delusion of consciousness, albeit a persistent one.” Albert Einstein

So what has all this to do with the future of man or the events that may or may not occur?

Without rewriting the entire book here, it would be impossible for me to explain the way creation works on its many different and interconnected levels.  What I can tell you is, there exists infinite potential futures with many different timelines at every given moment. This is why, if you look to those who prophesized or predicted the future you would find that there were times when their predictions seemed to be right on and other times they were very far off.

Although the concept of Eternity existing outside the linear view may at first sound hard to accept, I assure you it is true. Not only is it true, but it is the necessary ingredient for freewill to exist.

Many who claim to believe in freewill also say they believe in destiny and consider the future is already laid out or somehow preordained. Obviously, if future events are predestined then freewill cannot exist.

For those who have an open mind and wish to expand your understanding of Creation you will find much of what is presented in Prophet or Madman fascinating and helpful.

Unlike most books you may have read, Prophet or Madman is not limited to explaining things just in this world. Rather, it presents the reader with an overview of Eternal Life as experienced from both the Human as well as Spiritual perspective/ realms.

Although at first glance, much of what is written, may appear to be Christian based, it is anything but an endorsement of the dogmatic view the Christian religion teaches.

That said, as I see it, much of what is presented is in direct agreement with the teachings of the master teacher Jesus as well as the teachings of many other masters  such as Buddha, Krishna, Rumi to name a few.

In closing I wish to add one last thought for you to consider. If you believe that there exists only one God/source, doesn’t it stand to reason that everyone that is living or has ever lived on this planet originated from that same source.  Obviously that would mean that such a God or creator would have to possess the qualities or characteristics of being divine.

The following is an excerpt from Prophet or Madman page 107 that may add some clarity to understanding what that means;

Here are some attributes that have been used to describe God. They are beliefs commonly accepted by most of the major religions:

  • God is omnipresent: he is present everywhere and at all times
  • God is omnipotent: he is all-powerful
  • God is omniscient: he is all-knowing, and aware of all things everywhere

Another way (and perhaps a simpler one) of expressing all this is to say that God alone exists. If we accept that God does indeed possess these qualities, then it follows that nothing can exist that is not a part of God.

It matters not what your belief system is or what religion you follow: if you understand these simple facts, you will see that God is all things,and that there is no place and no thingthat is not God.